Of the thousands of radio commercials I heard as a kid (I was, and am, an inveterate radio listener) there is one that still stands out loud and clear in my memory. It was for a product called Carter’s little liver pills. I’m pretty sure the adjective “little” was intended to modify the word “pills” rather than “liver.” Anyway, the reason I remember it so well is the line, “If life’s not worth living it may be the liver.”

             The best moments in life are always personal.

             Even if you can’t control the length of your life, you can control its depth; we may not able to choose how we die; but we can choose how we live.

             Life is like riding a bicycle; stop pedalling and you’ll fall off.

             Life is like a computer; put nothing in it and you get nothing out of it.

             Life is like a taxi ride; whether you’re going anywhere or not the meter keeps running.

             Tomorrow has been promised to no one.

             Today’s enemy may be tomorrow’s ally.

             The world is never perfect.

             Life gets very complicated when you reach your teens.

             Some things grow best on their own.

             Only combatants know how to really hate war.

             Everybody’s waiting for something.

             Intuition should never be ignored.

             The voice in the wilderness might be right.

             Some things take years to understand.

             There’s a difference between an absence and a loss.

             Gratitude is not available on demand.

             When something seems too good to be true, it probably is; the same goes for people.

             In this life we all, at one time or another, will have our backs to the wall.

             Life is a lot like baseball; it doesn’t really matter if you out-hit them, you’ve got to outscore them.

            Usually doesn’t mean always.

             Disappointments are part of life; always remember there will eventually be good news.

             Every living thing has the power to become greater.

             Our world hasn’t been inherited from our ancestors; it’s borrowed from our grandchildren.

             In life it’s important to know the difference between grooves and ruts.

            The future is going to happen, so we may as well try to influence it positively.

             The quality of your life is not going to be determined by the problems you have to face; it’s going to be determined by the attitude with which you face them.

            At the age of twenty, genes provide your face; but at the age of forty, you’ve decided what you look like.

             Just as tiny grains of sand make a beach, we’re all important in the large scheme

of life.

             Life will always be a series of ups and downs, so it’s important to like yourself as much during the downs as you do during the ups; don’t invest too much emotionally in every up and down.

             Never before in the history of the world has there been anyone exactly like you; there is no one exactly like you right now; there never will be anyone exactly like you again.

             Neither success nor failure is usually final.

             Hunger is the best sauce.

             Life includes “if.”

             Life can still be funny when people die, just as it remains serious when people laugh.

             What hasn’t happened in the last twenty years can happen in the next twenty seconds.

             If you walk down a pier, you’re apt to smell fish.

             There’s a huge difference between real suffering and false martyrdom.

             Some things aren’t meant to be; others aren’t allowed to be.

             Not everything started when you think it did.

             Life is priceless; treat it with dignity.

             Most times it pays to be philosophical.

             Specific suffering usually passes.

             There are two distinct categories of people: yearners and non-yearners.

             Most of life is not being here nor there, it’s the journey.

            Effects can also be causes.

             Sometimes too late comes too early.

             Great events can depend on small things.

             People come and go, life continues.

             Some things are to be enjoyed, others endured.

             You don’t know the meaning of love until you love someone more than you love yourself.

             We don’t often find a diamond at a yard sale.

             Every now and then it’s good to lose.

             Sometimes we have to write The End even though we’d prefer to write To Be Continued.

             Stay in the water long enough and the tide will change.

             There are always detours on the road of life.

             Where you’ve been influences where you will go.

             There’s a difference between rivalry and jealously.

             There always have been, are now, and always will be, people who disagree with you.

             Fame always moves on.

             No matter who has died we have to remember the living.

             When something’s worth having, there’s always risk.  

             Before you get you have to give.

             Although we’ve all been young we’re not all going to be old.

             Never expect the entire truth from an accomplished raconteur.

             When you want something too badly, be sure it isn’t something you shouldn’t have.

             The main problem with circumstances is that they change.

             Strange occurrences should be paid close attention to.