Two down-at-the-heel old guys, just killing time walking down the street, paused in front of a Rolls Royce dealership to admire the models in the showroom. “You know,” said one, “the reason I never had a car like that is that I never listened to any advice from anybody.” “That’s funny,” replied the other, “the reason I never had a car like that is that I always listened to all the advice I got from everybody.

             We often don’t know whether advice is good or bad until it’s too late.

             There are four times never to give advice to people

                        1. When they’re tired

                        2. When they’re angry

                        3.  When they’ve just made a mistake

                        4.  When you fall into one of the above.

             Don’t take carpentry advice from someone with missing fingers.

             People who like advice the least usually need it the most; and that’s probably why.

             There’s no point giving good advice and then setting a bad example.

             People usually ask for advice when they’re unsure what to do, but sometimes they just want to talk; it’s important to recognize the difference.

             Don't make choices for other people that aren’t yours to make.

             When asked for advice, ask questions; if you don’t clearly understand the problem you can’t give sound advice. Also remember that in order to get specific answers you have to ask specific questions.

             People having a really bad day don’t want a lot of advice.

             Good advice doesn’t come in one-size-fits-all.

             A good scare is often more effective than good advice.

             When giving advice an ounce of empathy is better than a pound of sympathy.