Another excerpt from my latest book, Simple Realities (The pathway to happiness and success), which is now available at and on Kindle.

          My father had died and I didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket home, and because it was winter, taking the train or bus might mean missing the funeral. I was ushered into the office of the very important businessman and asked him if he would lend me the equivalent of what was for me a month’s pay. I had no collateral. I didn’t know how long it would take me to pay it back. Without a signed note, or even an IOU, he gave me the money. I wish I could tell you his name--many of you would readily recognize it--but the only condition of the interest-free loan was that I never tell anyone about it. I don’t think this breaks the promise.

             We can pay off financial debts, but we will always owe for kindness.

             A quiet kindness to one person is more admirable than loud demands for others to do something.

             When you have a kind thought, express it; you’ll never be sorry you did.

             Acts of kindness should never be postponed.

             Sow kindness, reap friendship.

             One kind act is worth a thousand wonderful sentiments; when you think of a nice thing to do for someone, do it! 

             One reason we should be kind is that everyone we meet is fighting some kind of a battle.

             An ounce of kindness is worth a ton of cleverness.

             Be better to your neighbours, and you might have better neighbours.