When I was about eleven or twelve I developed a mild stutter. By the time I reached my mid-teens I sometimes had trouble pronouncing my own name. This was particularly bothersome because at that time my ambition was to become a radio announcer. My former schoolteacher, Mabel O’Brien, to whom I owe so much, suggested that I take the Dale Carnegie Course. After five sessions of this remarkable training my stutter disappeared and has not returned. A miracle? No. Having to stand up in front of a group of forty strangers at least twice a session and give a short speech, coupled with the encouragement of the instructors and other class members, built up my self-confidence to the point where, when speaking, I just thought about my message, not how I sounded or looked.

             We gain confidence by confronting our weaknesses.

             Self-confidence is the first requirement for success.

             Self-confidence in itself is of no value; it has to be exercised in a positive manner.

             The greatest sources of confidence are the ability to do something well and a complete knowledge of a subject.

             Doing things on time builds confidence.

             Confidence is not just feeling secure; it’s also being able to tolerate insecurity.

             Self-confidence and honesty make a powerful combination.

             Don’t hesitate to go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is.

             Self-confidence allows you to feel right about something without having to prove someone else is wrong.

             Self-confidence allows you to be comfortable with people who aren’t like you.

             People who have no confidence in themselves usually have no confidence in others.

             Being the first to say “hello” engenders confidence, especially if you do so with a smile on your face.

             There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence; always know which side of it you’re on.

             If you let your self-confidence depend too much on your job, then if you lose your job you’ll lose too much of your self-confidence.

             Overconfidence is that cocky feeling you get just before you know better.

            Never let others control your confidence.