Considering the experiences of Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott,  Celina Caesar-Chevannes, and Ruth Ellen Brosseau (the NDP MP he elbowed in the chest during his 2016 rage on the floor of the House of Commons), has there ever been a phonier self-proclaimed feminist? 

Then, considering that he campaigned on governing with openness, transparency and accountability, but is now masterminding a massive cover-up by not allowing Jody Wilson-Raybould to rebut the testimony of Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick (as well as his own comments), how can he not also be considered a cynical hypocrite?

And given what we already know about his attempt to subvert justice, what possible additional egregious behaviour is he spending so much political capital trying to cover up

Further, what part of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s repeatedly saying “no” did he not understand?

What will he hide behind now that his “protecting jobs” mantra has been largely discredited by objective observers and the OECD has said that such a consideration doesn’t apply in SNC’s case?

         What will he next blame on Scott Brisson’s resignation from cabinet?

Why does he think that using taxpayers’ money to vastly overpay for a pipeline that wasn’t even for sale is an indication that he cares about western Canadian jobs?

And will he remember to mention the province of Alberta in this year’s Canada Day speech? (He forgot last year.)

Having already been found guilty of four ethics violations, why does he think the current investigation by the ethics commissioner into the SNC-Lavalin scandal is a good idea?

Has he visited the Aga Khan lately?

How come he goes out of his way to apologize for so many things he had nothing to do with but refuses to apologize for his own misdeeds?

When is he going to realize that his main place of work is the House of Commons, not on a  government airplane or at some small-town photo-op location?

Has his “level of admiration” for the Chinese dictatorship changed?

When will he utter an original thought rather than parrot repetitive talking points that, as many commentators have pointed out, sound like they were written by a committee? And is that because they probably were?

In parliament’s Question Period, will he ever answer the question he was asked?

With a budget coming up, what unpopular legislation does he intend to hide away in it this time?And does he still believe the budget “will balance itself?”

Does he still think low-income Canadians “don’t pay taxes?”

Has anyone else in the whole world ever suggested that“peoplekind” should be used rather than “mankind?” Is there even such a word?

Does he still believe that Canadian veterans who lost limbs in battle are asking for “more than we can give you?” And how does he square that statement with unilaterally paying ten million dollars to a confessed terrorist?

And now that Omar Khadr has used some of that money to buy a strip mall in Edmonton, will Trudeau help him out some more by renting a constituency office there during the next election?

Doesn’t he realize that inviting an unlimited number of illegal immigrants to walk into the country through unprotected border spots places an impossible financial burden on provincial and municipal governments? And who did he think he was fooling by calling them “irregular” immigrants?

           Has he learned that there’s more to being prime minister than selfies, socks, a cute hairdo, rolled-up sleeves, and playing Mr. Dress-up?

And finally, the greatest Justin Trudeau ponderable of all: If it wasn’t for his last name would he still be flitting from part-time job to part-time job and basically living off his inheritance?