How long will it be before an infielder or pitcher is seriously injured or killed by being pierced with a shard from a broken baseball bat?

            Why doesn’t Major League Baseball do something about the plethora of thin-skinned and incompetent umpires?

            Did participating in the home run derby at the all-star break cause Aaron Judge’s long slump after the event?

            Would the Blue Jays still be in the playoff hunt if they hadn’t lost 75% of their infield, nearly 50% of their starting pitching, and Russell Martin to the disabled list for lengthy periods?

            Has there ever been a more arrogant, smarmier public figure than Gary Bettman?

Speaking of Gary Bettman

            What’s his fascination with goons? When “enforcers” have practically disappeared from the NHL, his appointing super-goon George Parras as head of player safety is mind-bogglingly. Parras played 493 games in the NHL and had 36 points while racking up 1,127 penalty minutes. Maybe Chris Pronger, Bettman’s senior advisor of hockey operations, recommended Parras. After all, Pronger was arguably the dirtiest player in NHL history.

The Golden Rule of Communications

            To me, the Golden Rule of communications is: don’t strive to communicate so that you can be understood, strive to communicate so that you cannot be misunderstood. It’s been my communications touchstone since I first heard it from one of my Dale Carnegie instructors when I took the course back in the summer of 1957, which, as those of you who read me regularly know, I consider to be one of the most important things I ever did.

            However, my favourite example of this rule wasn’t encountered in the Carnegie course, nor did I come across it during my extensive professional communications activities. It was, quite unexpectedly, during a friendly game of Hearts at the home of our PEI summer neighbours, the Palmers. The participants, as I recall, were Kilmer and Mary Palmer, their daughter Lynne, their granddaughter Kathleen, and I.

            The rules of Hearts are quite flexible, so before we started, Kilmer outlined those that we’d be playing under during this particular evening, one of which he said was “whoever is dealt the two of clubs leads.”

            Kilmer dealt the first hand, and after the requisite cards were passed, Lynne led the king of diamonds. “No,” Kilmer said, “whoever has the two of clubs leads.” At which point Lynne plucked it from her hand, displayed it and said, “But I do have it.”

            From that night on I’ve expressed the rule as, “Whoever is dealt the two of clubs must lead it.”

MyTelevision “Career”

            Some of you might recall my lament last spring about having to rely strictly on memory to come up with the names of celebrities I advised over the years (as a matter of fact I just remembered another one I missed, TV personality Warner Troyer). This was because I stupidly threw out my diaries and appointment books a few years ago, and I have no client files because they are the property of the firms I was with at the time. But when it came to appearances on TV, I kept a pretty good record, which I still have. There were many.

CHCH Hamilton: Tom Cherington Show (2 shows); Fighting Words; Running Your Own Business (10 shows); various income tax and money shows (11 appearances); news interview.

CBC Charlottetown: Compass (7); Studio 13.

CBC Halifax: Gazette (5);

CBC Network: A federal budget night coverage; Viewpoint; Luncheon Date; Income Tax Specials (2); Dollars and Sense (2); Take Thirty (4); Money Makers; The National (3 times); From Now On; Bob MacLean Show; Hockey Night In Canada; Venture (3 shows); Geminis; Junos

CBC Toronto: CBLT Morning (4 shows);

CBC and CTV local news interviews: Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton; Kingston, London, Ottawa, Saint John; St. John’s; Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Vancouver, Windsor and Winnipeg.

CITY- TV Toronto: Money Game (5 shows); 24 Hours (7 shows); Newshour (9 shows); 2 news interviews.

CTV Network: Canada AM (11 shows); Live It Up; Lifetime (2 shows); Question Period;

CTV Toronto: Sportsbeat;  Telethons (2); news interviews (6); Money Magazine; Toronto Morning.

Global Television: news interviews (8); various money shows (12 appearances); Global Post (5 shows).

NBC: Mac Davis Show

TV Ontario: Mike MacManus Show (2); Various money shows (13 appearances);

BCTV: Jack Webster Show (which was far and away my most enjoyable TV experience);

 Local cable shows (mostly in Toronto): 66 appearances altogether, far too many to bother listing.


MUSINGS, MAY 27, 2017