When I woke up in our warm, comfortable bed the bedside clock-radio was showing the time so I knew that the power was on, our furnace was working, and it was time to get up.

             As I put on my robe I realized that I was feeling great with no sniffles, aches or pains.

             I glanced out the bedroom window and saw that the weather was fine.

             A visit to the bathroom confirmed that there was lots of water pressure.

             On my way downstairs I could smell coffee so I knew that Anne had been up for awhile.

             When I arrived in the kitchen she greeted me with a smile and a hug.

             She, too, was feeling great with no sniffles, aches or pains.

             My favourite breakfast was laid out for me.

             The newspaper had been delivered on time.

             Our major appliances were working.

              There was no reason to call an electrician or a plumber.

             We didn’t have to go visit anyone in the hospital.

             When I sat down at my computer, internet access was instant and I didn’t get kicked off while I visited my usual sites.

             I was able to do my stretching routine without any twinges or cramps.

             I was able to do fifteen miles on my stationary bike while watching one of my favourite TV news programs.

             When I turned on the shower there was lots of hot water.

             I didn’t cut myself shaving.

             Anne and one of her best friends went to a gift show that they’d been anticipating for weeks.

             I had a simple, but tasty, lunch.

             I had a nap.

             Although there wasn’t anything on TV in which I was interested, I had crosswords to do, books to read, and a number of saved television shows from which to choose.

             Anne and her friend arrived home safely from the gift show.

             When we left to go to a family birthday party for our oldest grandson, the car started and the garage door worked.

             The weather was still fine.

             We didn’t get into an accident or have a flat tire on the way to our son’s place.

             Our two sons and their wives, our four grandchildren, and the birthday boy’s other grandparents were all there and were all well.

             The four kids, as usual, got along splendidly and had a great time together.

             The adults had interesting and enjoyable conversations.

             Dinner was delicious with the bonus of a choice of two birthday cakes.

             When we left for home the weather was still fine.

             We arrived back home without incident

             There were no fire trucks at our house.

             The garage door was still working, so we knew that the power was still on.

             The house was warm so the furnace was still working.

             We relaxed with a liqueur.

             The internet and cable TV were still connected.

             As we got ready for bed we knew we still had lots of hot water.

             We were both still perfectly healthy with no sniffles, aches or pains.

             When we got into bed we found that it was still warm and comfortable.

             Anne set the timer on the clock-radio to play a relaxing Solitudes CD.

             There were no late-night telephone calls.

             January 25, 2015. What a wonderful day!