A few weeks ago I wrote about the preponderance (and source) of many nicknames in the village of Morell, PEI, (population about 350), where I lived until I was fifteen. Here are some more. Unfortunately, I don’t know the source of most of them.

             James Robbins: Coon

             Former MP Joe McGuire: Coot

             Bill McGuire: Wilbur

             Frankie MacAdam: Charlie

             Jimmy MacAdam: Humphrey

             Kevin MacAdam: Colonel

             Ralph Eldershaw: Korea (he served there in the Canadian army)

             Emmett Eldershaw: Valley

             Alban Eldershaw: Shotgun

             Reg Eldershaw: Hake

             Linus MacDonald: Cracky (he could crack his toes)

             Bernard MacDonald: Barney

             Francis MacDonald: Fiddlin’ (not too original; he plays the fiddle)

             Paul MacDonald: Benny (after Ben E. Slagg, a character in a story)

             Kenny MacDonald: Farmer

             Louis Larkin: Bugs

             Joe Steele: Shakespeare

             The Reverend Don MacLennan: Sneakers (he was a basketball star in college)

             Wendell Coffin Senior: White Owl (because he smoked White Owl cigars)

             Wendell Coffin Junior: Burpee

             Allan Doucette: Dewey

             Lorne Anderson: Snort

             Louise Anderson: Blondie (for the obvious reason)

             Rita Dunlop: Tires (also for an obvious reason)

             Hubert Coffin: Hub

             Jack Coffin: Brent

             Joe Coffin: Tim

             Vince Coffin: Jiggs

             Ronnie McGrath: Shinky

             Joe McGrath: Store Hog

             Sutherland MacPhee: Bo

             George Kelly: Bull (two reasons; he raised bulls and was built like one)

             Al Jay: Isaac

             Stephen Keefe: Stiffy

             Hubert MacEwen: Governor

             Bob MacEwen: Judd

             Nelson MacEwen: Squid

             Walter Bradley: Pope

             Alfred Arsenault: Apps

             Mary Hughes: Raid (she was the elementary school principal)

             Louis Murphy: Whitey (after the pitcher Whitey Ford)

             Bernard Tobin: Bun

             My favourite current Morell nicknames are borne by a married couple: Cookie and Skip MacDonald. You might ask what’s so special about those names. Well, even a lot of their friends have no idea that their real names are Catherine and Earl.