Another excerpt from my latest book, Simple Realities (The pathway to happiness and success), which is now available at and on Kindle.

            Isn’t it amazing how often people start sentences with statements such as, “Well, to tell the truth....” or, “To be perfectly honest....” Does this mean that when they don’t preface their remarks with such qualifications, they aren’t telling the truth?

             Truth is also shorter than fiction.

             Even an embarrassing truth is better than a smooth lie.

             The best way to teach truth is to live it.

             When in doubt, tell the truth.

             What you think is truth may just be your opinion.

             Truth is like surgery; it hurts, but it cures.

             Stretch the truth and people will see through it.

             Truth and justice are necessary for society to endure.

             It’s hard to believe that someone is telling the truth when you know that in their circumstances you would probably lie.

             The trouble with a half truth is that you may get the wrong half.

             Lies may cover the present, but they have no future.

             Lies travel faster than truth, but they don’t stay as long.

             Where there is whispering, there is usually lying.

             It’s better to admit a mistake than to get caught in a lie; cover-ups are always more damaging than the discretion.

             In the long run truth is always a relief.

             Lies are like ants – if you see one there are usually others.

             Innocence may be comfortable, but truth is more important.

             It’s better to search for truth than for guilt.

             Liars tend to embellish.