Here is another excerpt from my latest book, Simple Realities (The pathway to happiness and success), which is now available at and on Kindle.

            There were three or four of us playing ball hockey in our back yard. “I don’t know why you let the kids tear up your grass doing that.” said the crusty visitor to my father. My father replied, “The grass will always be there; the kids won’t”

             Eventually the children go away, but if the parents did a good job they always come back.

             There’s no greater responsibility than being a parent.

             Until you have a child everything else is just infatuation.

             Spend half as much money and twice as much time raising children.

             Love children unconditionally because we have them for a very short time.

             Children who live with approval learn to be comfortable with themselves.

             The best way to accomplish things with children is to play with them.

             Children need love most when they deserve it least.

             Children are always a work-in-progress.

             Children don’t realize that their parents were once children.

             Parents who don’t discipline their children call their cop-out child psychology.

             When raising children, presence is more important than presents.

             Our best legacy is well-raised children.

             Children need support more than they need criticism.

             By the time we realize our parents were right, our children think we’re wrong.

             Time spent with your children is never wasted.

             Teenagers need to be reminded that eventually they will be as stupid as their parents.

            The two most important things parents can give their children are the security of home and the freedom to leave it.

             There’d be a lot fewer problems with children if they had to shovel snow or cut grass to power their video games.

             Children become caring people by being in the company of people who care about children.

             What you say to your children will be heard by posterity.

             Good parents remember what it was like to be a kid.

             Children have enough opportunities to learn about fear without their parents using it as a tool.

             We should drive as if our kids were in the other car.

             When children have something difficult to tell their parents, their parents should make it as easy as possible.

             Children have to be protected from themselves.

             The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.