Another excerpt from my latest book, Simple Realities (The pathway to happiness and success), which is now available at and on Kindle.

            It was a cold, blustery winter evening and some friends called in on their way to a skating party on a pond located at a farm owned by the parents of one of them. Despite strenuous resistance and many misgivings on my part, I ended up going with them, absolutely convinced that anyone going skating outdoors in this weather was nuts. I returned home about four hours later having had a wonderful time on the sheltered pond with the wonderful bonfire on the bank.

             Bad weather always looks worse when you’re inside looking out; go out into it, get wet, get snowed on, or get wind-blown, and you’ll find it’s not so bad.

             Clouds don’t always mean rain.

             There’s really no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing.

             Before complaining about the weather, go spend a couple of hours in a hospital emergency waiting room.