It’s an interesting term, “human nature.” It encompasses almost as many “natures” as there are “humans.” A lot of human nature is good, some of it is bad. It’s been said that human nature is what sets us apart from animals. Do we learn it, or are we born with it? Can it change within a single human being? It’s a great mystery and a wonderful excuse.

             Nothing fascinates peoplemore than other people.

             Human nature is what makes us swear at pedestrians when driving, and swear at drivers when walking.

             What we see often depends on what we’re looking for.

             Hate isn’t the opposite of love; indifference is.

             You’re unique; so is everyone else.

             It’s easy to see both sides of an issue you don’t really care about.

             Loyalty is always personal, and usually expects reciprocity.

             Most people risk disaster rather than read directions.

             People’s obsessions define them best.

             In a battle between logic and emotion, emotion usually wins.

             People respond well to anything that confirms their self-images; they also respond badly to anything that conflicts with their self-images.

             There is no such thing as an idle rumour.

             Who gossips to you will gossip about you.

             Every want isn’t a need.

             Each generation has to find out for itself that the stove is hot.

             Everyone is self-made, but only successful people admit it.

             When people slap you on the back, be sure they’re not trying to get you to swallow something.

             A good way to judge people is to watch what they do with what they have.

             Too many coincidences aren’t coincidences.

             Simple people sometimes ask the toughest questions.

             When people aren’t respected as individuals, they eventually rebel.

             People aren’t so much against you as they are for themselves.

             Narrow rules create broad problems.

             Some people are better than we think they are; some are worse.

             Most people take “no” too personally.

            Nobody tells anyone everything.

             Weak people with power first try to intimidate, if that doesn’t work they become overly friendly; don’t succumb to either.

             Few things teach humility and evoke fear as much as does love

             The most dangerous person is the one with nothing to lose

             Sometimes more than words are needed.

             Time heals but it can also cause pain.